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The Edmonds Underwater Park Lingcod Nest Census is one of the longest running all volunteer research projects in the State of Washington. The effort is an outstanding example of citizen science and stewardship in action. It does not depend on any external funding source and has no planned completion date. No animals are harmed during observation. Occasionally an observer is bitten.

The procedures used in the study have evolved over time as experience was gained with the surveying process and technologies changed. None of the changes affected the types of data being collected. The information provided here reflects the current procedures being used. Unique aspects of the subject study are the sustained time period involved and the artificial habitat in which the lingcod spawn. The method used in the study was patterned after surveys by the Vancouver Aquarium in Howe Sound, B.C. Canada (Martell, 1997) and have been adapted for use in this study. (Martell, S. J. D. 1997. Reproductive outputs and demographics of lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus) in Howe Sound. Unpublished thesis, Univ. B. C.)

The census would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of the volunteer dive team. Steve Martell, with the Vancouver Aquarium at the time, was generous with information about the methodology of the lingcod survey in Howe Sound. Tony Parra, of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), offered early hands-on advice and encouragement. Ray Buckley, Mary Lou Mills, and Wayne Palsson (WFDW) also provided advice and encouragement. Dave Rockwell and John Williams provided video records of survey activities. Bruce Higgins and Ken Collins helped to set up database structure and generate data for the census. Over the years financial and in-kind support has been provided by the volunteers, Project AWARE, and the Edmonds Underwater Sports dive shop. Thanks are due to all of the above.  

The Lingcod Nest Census Protocol information was developed by Kirby W. Johnson and updated by Wesley E. Nicholson. Copyright 2010 Kirby W. Johnson and Wesley E. Nicholson.

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