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Possible Spawning Behavior - 1/23/10

During a regular lingcod census dive on 123/2010, Kirby Johnson observed what was possibly spawning behavior. The following are Kirby's observations. Copyright 2010 Kirby Johnson.

I observed some interesting lingcod behavior at the east side of a feature located in the central part of the EUWP southeast of the intersection of Northern Lights Way and Centennial Way.  

An approx 80cm long dark fish (Fish A - possibly a male ) was herding an approx 100 cm fish (Fish B - possibly a female)- into a cavity at the base of a concrete footer. The Fish A was displaying some of the shuddering body motion that we have associated with courtship behavior before the actual nesting season and thought I was seeing the initiation of spawning behavior.

I tried to stay as far away as I could and still make out the fish but I had distracted them and the activity stopped. 

After a while I approached and noted that the large fish had the skinny spawned out look. 

There was another similar pair of fish in the vicintiy.  None of the fish moved until I started to leave.

At this time the Fish B swam around to the south side of the footer and Fish A followed. 

I was unable to find an egg mass.  Neither of the dark medium sized fish acted like they were guarding eggs.



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