Behavior Observations

Possible Pre-Spawning Event - 12/31/09 Page 3

The tail of the female started moving slowly; slowly enough I thought it may be the current and that the fish was dead. The picture looking West shows her right pectoral fin under a wood beam and holding her in place. Her tail started moving more actively and she headed down and then to the North. As I swam 15’ behind and 10’ above her, Male 1 and Male 2 swam after her directly below me. They were side by side, close enough that their pectoral fins were touching. Male 2 was on the North side.

The female swam under into a nearby structure. I swam in from the North about the time the males arrived. There was a 80-90 cm (I did not measure) male on the North end of the structure (Male 3). Male 3 chased off Male 2 first. Male 1 settled onto the structure West of Male 3 and I got a picture moments before he was chased off by Male 3. I got a picture of Male 3 after that.

The female remained on the bottom, right side up, in the North end of the structure. This picture is taken from above.


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