Other Critters Obseved In The EUWP

Fish Observed in the EUWP

REEF (the Reef Enviornmental Education Foundation) surveyors have observed 79 fish species within the EUWP. The most commonly observed fish are lingcod (reported on 95 % of the dives), cabezon (88%), copper rockfish (83%), striped seaperch (75%) and tube-snouts (66%). Many other species of fish use or at least pass through the park, including the various salmon species and steelhead.

Lingcod have really made the park their home and are observed in the park far more frequently (95%) than on dives made in other Washington waters (56%). Observations made by the lingcod Nest Census Team indicate that some of the fish - and in particular the male guard fish - spend most, if not all, of their time in the park. Less is known about the behavior of female lingcod.

Invertebrates Observed in the EUWP

Reef surveyors have reported 35 invertebrate species in the park and many, many more are expected to live there. REEF surveys only report on a fixed set of invertebates and do not include all species present. The most commonly observed invertebrates are sunflower stars (89%), plumose anemones (88%), coonstripe shrimp (69%), Dungeness crab (65%) and northern kelp crab (63%). Many nudibranchs are seen in the park, including white-lined dironas, opalescent nudibranchs, and yellow margin dorids.

Sunflower stars are frequently observed on lingcod egg masses and are assumed to be eating the eggs. Guard fish aggresively drive off or even carry off offending sunflower stars.

Coonstripe shrimp are often seen sitting on lingcod egg masses. It is not clear if the shrimp will try to eat the eggs or not. One theory is that they wait for the eggs to hatch and then grab the tiny lingcod larvae. Another theory has the guard fish allowing the shrimp to move onto the egg mass as the guard fish will periodically snack on the shrimp.





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